Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wine Chat

Are you a supporter, consumer and strong wine enthusiast. Are you passionate about your British Columbia Wines. Do you tweet. If so you may wish to follow #bcwinechat on Twitter. Celebrated winemaker and CEO Sandra Oldfield at Tinhorn Creek Winery in the Okanagan leads this twitter wine session. The sessions take place every Wednesday night at 8pm.
Each Wednesday there is a pre determined topic for you to discuss. The topic usually broaden out during the discussion but that part of the fun. It is very intriguing to see what the winery owners and winemakers feel about the wines they produce and the regions they are.
One interesting topic was " How to bring in more tourist to the BC wineries. With limited exporting due to government regulations BC's numerous wineries depend upon visitors. Especially the smaller run family winery that has little or no exposure in the Government run liquor store.
Not only do winery owners , winemakers, and other winery employees tweet at #BCwinecaht, so do writers, restaurant owners, hotel owners, B&B owners, consumers and so many more.

This chat is meant to be inclusive. To participate:
you do NOT need be from British Columbia. Viewpoints from all corners of the earth are gladly welcome…and needed!

you do NOT need to grow or make wine

you do NOT need to sell wine

you do NOT need to drink BC wine (although it won't hurt!)

you DO need to be respectful of others opinions that differ from you own

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