Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Its the Attitude that Counts

It is easier to get a customer to enter your store the first time, than it is to get them to return
The number one reasons customer fail to return is not the companies product. Its the attitude of the  individual dealing with the customer. Yes the number one reason people fail to purchase or fail to return is a poor attitude display by the person they dealt with.

Recently my wife and  I drove a friend to the airport for 6 Am. We decided to visit a once popular restaurant for breakfast.  Upon parking in fron of the resturant we were suprised how few cars were in the parking lot.  Upon entering the  dinning room it did not take long to realize why.

There was no restaurant person in sight. We waited about four minutes before calling out.
Three times I called before a sleepy waitress appeared she spoke not a word as she walked slowly towards us.  Upon reaching us she said "two"  then lead us to a booth. Not  a smile or a pleasant word, just a bored I don't want to be here look. I want to leave.

The next day we found ourself been taken out for lunch and having a simliar experience in a very popular  restuarant chain.  This time it was a member of the management team.  Thankfully the waitress was bright and cheerful.
We have on too many occasions experience the I don't give a dam that your here attitude from staff at wineries. So many wineries depend upon the tourist business and sells generated by having a tasting room. Better make sure the person tending your business has an attitude that will impress the customer. One that invites them to return.

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