Monday, September 24, 2012

BC VQA Fall Tastings


Once again the BC VQA put on another great event at the Vancouver Convention Centre.   I counted 76 wineries participating in the event.
There was a few retailers providing some nice tasting treats including the Whistler Glacier Spring Water and Daniel La Chocolate Belge. The Dairy Farmers of Canada also had a nice offering of cheeses and Crackers.


It was of course impossible for us to taste every ones wines.  I tried to visit those wineries I did not get to in the Spring event. I also made an effort to chat with the owners and or winemakers that were able to make the event.  There was John Skinner of Painted Rock and their amazing wines , Carlos Lee of Blackwood Lane with his 2007 The Reference.
and The View’s Jennifer Molgat featuring a really nice Gewurztraminer.

I had a nice long chat with Andy Gebert of St Hubertus  and Oak Bay Estates winery. He was quite complimentary about our website. Calling us a  “God Sent”. Thank you Andy
I thought his Oak Bat Pinot Noir 2010 was a very impress wine and as was his St Hubertus Goddess 2010

I also chatted with Stag’s Hallow’s  Dwight Smart and Larry Gerelus. What a year they are having.  A must buy wine would be their Simply Noir 2011.   I spent a few  minutes with Judy Kingston of Serendipity enjoying her Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.  Meanwhile Barbara was engaged in a conversation with Harry McWatters. His Chardonnay was excellent.

Lillooet’s first winery owner
Rolf de Bruin was there. His Meritage 2010 and Cabernet Fanc 2010 were outstanding. I enjoyed my visit to Little Straw Vineyards table. They present a nice Pinot Noir 2008.

Kelowna’s House of Roses was founded in 1983 by Vern Rose. Today I met his son in-law
Wouter van der Hall. A very nice gentleman who had a knack for describing their wines.
Try their Hot Flash and their Port style wine most enjoyable.

As I mentioned so many wineries, great wines wonderful people and so little time.. brief I will mention Stoneboat’s Pinot Noir 2009, Black’ Hill’s Syrah 2010, Prospect Winery Regatta Red 2009 , Hester Creek Reserve Merlot 2009, Osoyoos Larose Le Grand Vin 2008, Nk Mip Cellars QwAM QwMT Syrah 2008 . Okay that enough see Facebook, Twitter and most importantly the website for more.

If I could only mention one winery who was represent only by their agents.. Osoyoos LaRose would take home the hospitality award. They were informative and made me laugh.


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