Thursday, November 15, 2012

Léon Millot is a red variety of hybrid grape used for wine . It was created in 1911 in the Oberlin Institute in Colmar, Alsace , by the French viticulturist Eugène Kuhlmann (1858–1932) by crossing the hybrid grape Millardet et Grasset 101-14 O.P. (which is Vitis riparia × Vitis rupestris ) with Goldriesling , which is Vitis vinifera . The variety was named after the winemaker and tree nusery owner Léon Millot.

Léon Millot ripens early, and has high resistance against fungal diseases. It is therefore suited for cultivation in colder climates. It gives powerful wine with some foxy aromas.
Léon Millot is cultivated in small amounts in Switzerland (on 9.35 hectares (23.1 acres) in 2009), Alsace and Canada . In August 2011, a Leon Millot varietal wine produced by a vineyard in the Finger Lakes region of New York State won the prize for “best red wine” in the “New York Wine and Food Classic,” sponsored by the New York Wine and Grape Foundation and open to all of New York's 307 wineries.

In similarity with many other hybrid grapes, Leon Millot was originally not allowed to be used in professional winemaking in the European Union . However, after the regulations were somewhat relaxed, varieties with some Vitis vinifera in their pedigree, such as Léon Millot, are currently allowed to be used for wine production in Europe.
Léon Millot was the product of the same crossing trials as Lucie Kuhlmann and Maréchal Foch , and these three varieties are related.

At Saxon Estate winery in Ontario they are uniquely positioned to make Leon Millot in both Rose and in Red from Estate Grown Leon grapes which are rare in North America. The Grape is gaining popularity in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Leon Milliot is just on example of Grape Varietals been introduced to the Cold Climate wine growing regions of North America

Otheres are Agria: is an early ripping grape suited to cool climate vineyards Agria is also known as Turan. Blattner: is a Hybrid not commonly grown. But has found a home in the BC Coastal Areas. Barber: is a red Italian wine grape variety that, as of 2000, was the third most-planted red grape variety in Italy. the list goes on please see Grape Varietal

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