Saturday, January 5, 2013

The perfect Hot Chocolate


Here is my method for making the perfect hot chocolate. It begins by placing two healing spoonfulls of
chocolate powder into a 12 oz cup. Now you add your fortified beverage; if you prefer add  hot milk or boiled water. Add just enough to make a paste. Now fill the cup half full of hot milk or boiling water.
Now add another spoonful of chocolate powder and mix..  If you have lumps change powder brands.
Continue to fill the cup leaving room to add either your fortified beverage to taste or whip. You may of course add both.

The milk and water must be hot enough to avoid producing lumps but please becareful and allow the
hot chocolate to cool before adding the whip cream. I strongly suggest you whip the cream yourself
Canned cream fades away quickly.

Happy New year!

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