Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BC Wine and Grape Industry

Fact Sheet


·       The BC Wine Industry’s $2.0 billion economic impact is a significant driver to the BC economy.  For every bottle of wine produced in the Province, there is $42 of economic impact generated.

·       More than 10,000 people have jobs in BC as a result of the wine and grape industry.

·       British Columbians enjoy more than 234 million glasses or 47 million bottles of British Columbia wine each year.

·       BC welcomes over 800,000 visitors every year through the wine economy, that is more than the province drew for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

·       The BC Wine Industry generates $476 million in tourism and tourism employment related economic impact.

·       More than $298 million in federal and provincial taxes and liquor board mark up is generated by the wine industry in BC each year.  In taxes alone, the BC Wine Industry contributes $222 million.

·       BC Wine Economy has 212 wineries and over 864 vineyards on more than 9,800 acres of land.

source  wines of British Columbia

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