Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Return of the Blog

Back in 1992 I started a wine website called World of Wines. As I began to take a much closer look at the Canadian wines and her wines I release this was just the beginning of something sensational. I changes the website focus to strictly on Canada, purchasing the Domain Winesofcanada.com. Even then I did not realize how big the industry would grow.

I started writing about 28 wineries. I had no understanding of how many small regions there were, where brave winemakers where planting new vineyards. My only wine tasting experience was a  trip to Napa Valley.

Back then I would take the winter month to update and add new material to the website. The summers were mine to enjoy and visit the wineries. Today taking time off is difficult there is so much happening in Canada's wine industry. The website is more popular than ever.

This December I tried to take time off. I decided I would discontinue the blog for a month and find a better design template. I never did find one. I never did get the time off.  So I begin again.

Please take a moment to review our website page which list all the wineries in alphabetical order.
You will see that some of the wineries have links and some are in black type. Those in back are the wineries we need help fining information on.

See what wines we enjoyed over the holiday season


Thank you Have a save and healthy 2014

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