Friday, March 7, 2014

Wine in Grocery Stores

I live in a small bed room community, Tsawwassen . We have three locations in town where wine can be purchased. A government run store, a private liqueur store and a VQA. They are all located in the same mall. If I buy a wine from any of them I based my store selection on the quality of their hospitality. If the local grocery stores added wine to their selection of products I suppose it would add a bit of convince to the shopping trip but nothing more. I doubt the grocer will make the experience of shopping for wine equal to what a speciality store can do if they try.

I do not expect to see any pricing deals resulting from grocery stores carrying wine. Nor do I expect a better selection of wines. In fact I suspect they will lean a bit more towards California than anywhere else. So bottom line will the fact that grocery stores can carry wine in 2015 get me all excited NO. I’m a little more excite about local farmer markets allowing smaller provincial ( local ) wineries to sell their products. Hopefully it will remain a local market not dominated by marketing agencies promoting foreign wines.

Would I like to see the provincial government allow free shipment of wines between provinces YES. Would I buy a Nova Scotia wine or a Prince Edward Island wine if I could off a store shelf Yes I would.
Do I feel I wine prices are too high yes I do but so is the price of Milk, Gas, Hydro, BC Ferries and Chocolate bars.

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