Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dinning Out

There were six of us. Out destination the Arts Club theatre at Granville Island to view the RED Robinson Dinner performance. It was a dinner theatre night. We did not make prior reservations and our first choice Edible Canada was booked solid. Good for them our second choice was  Sandbar Seafood Restaurant.

Its location was rather hard to find tucked in behind a number of retail. It was located upstairs. Since we had a number of  senior citizens in our group we had to take a cargo elevator to reach the restaurant. Prior to arriving we notified Sandbar that six of would be there in 30 minutes for dinner. Did they have a table ready no. Were we greeted with pleasant smiles, no The hostess look confunded.

We stood patiently waiting as other guest arrived some from the elevator some from the stairs and some people coming and going to the restroom.  The hostess' station was also located in from the the stairs leading to the third level an outdoor deck. A bit crowed I would say

Finally we were seated. The waitress arrived about five minutes later which gave me time to study the wine list. Okay I'm impressed by the number of BC wines on the wine list Good for Sandbar.  The price of the wine by the bottle beyond my pocket book

The waitress stood at the opposite end of the table from myself I could not hear a word she was saying
Even when she stood next to me  her soft voice was hard to hear. I ordered a glass of  13 Road  wine
I'm sure they meant Road 13 I had the Honest John a white blend. It was excellent

There was a long wait before our orders were taken. I order the GI Burger. It was a good choice one of the best ever. My wife orders a crab and shrimp salad She was disappointed with her selection of what she called green lettuce.  As we waited on the food bread for four was brought to the table with enough butter for two.

As we were waiting the restaurant became to be filled with Smoke.  I thought it was quite strange that no smoke alarm went off. The waitress came to the table informing us that it was necessary to shut down the grill. Those of us who ordered grill items NEEDED TO select another item from the salads. If it was me I'd be gone by now. However I suggest to the waitress that we be compensated on the bill for the problems.

After making a selection the waitress returned in a few minutes to tell us the gill was now back on. Time was marching on and we were now concerned that we would be late for the Red Robinson Show.

It was now time to buy for the meal We had separate checks. There was no deduction on any of the bills.
The credit card machine fail to work  The waitress fetched a second machine it worked once before failing again The manager had to be called by the waitress. Where was he all night.

There were no good byes or thanks from the staff was we departed

The Red Robinson Dinner show was fanastic.

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