Saturday, January 10, 2015

Some thoughts on 2014


Wow  so many wineries opening  fascinating and amazing facilities

Wish I has made it to Painted Rock and Fort Berens

Never did I imagine when I started the Women of Wine page how many extraordinary women there are

One Faith Vineyard release their first wine just $169 a bottle. Really!

Wine sold in Grocery stores in behind a fence I’m not impressed.

Ontario still refuses to allow Ontario wines in BC WHY!!!!

Watch out here comes China

Canada’s wines are better than ever I must lower my SCORES!

Still puzzled over the number of wineries that do not respond to my information requests

A big Thank you to John Schrieiner and Fred Couch for all their help

Also a big thank you to Robert Murray in Nova Scotia


Must taste more wines from Eastern Canada in 2015

Why are so many people interest in Baby Duck

Will the Vancouver international Festival remember me in 2015

Forbidden fruit wines already proving we made a good choice as one of our Wineries to Watch in 2014

Not one person brought over or gave me a Canadian wine over Christmas Holidays ahhhh

Thank you Kim Lawton  a great source of info and support


Hope more winey owners and winemakers will come to VQA tastings I hate when the sales rep does not know where the winery is located






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