Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I just looked at my calendar, it clearly shows July. What ever happened to August? All the plans I had. How could it now be September. We never made to Cultus Lake to the Hazelnut winery Constantin-Vasilca nor did we find Pitt Meadows' Blue Heron Fruit Winery. We never made it to Blackwood Lane Winery. How could that happen. I had a plans to enjoy lunch at Chaberton Estate winery and visit near by Township7 and Vista D'oro Farm

Plans also included hunting down the small and seldom heard from St. Urban Winery in Chilliwack. What happened to summer. Where did the time go. I wish it was 1992 again.

It was the year I got married and the year we started A very good year indeed. I listed 28 wineries and it too just over a week to complete the project. I did it in the fall, working on the website over the winter but taking the summer off. In 1992 there were very few people interested in Canada's wines and only one other website (no blogs). The summer was spend visiting existing wineries new ones were not popping up like today.

In 1993 I though I was luck to get ten hits a day. In order to increase visitors I had new pages. Vineyard Plus was our first addition. Today this section. 100 times to size. The hits came and we became the only website featuring all of Canada's wineries. Our hit count went through the roof.
However, as with everything popular it brings in new people.

As Canada's wines became known world wide along came the writers who use to only talk about imported wines, the blogs and numerous other websites ( most have come and gone). peaked in 2004 a peak that lasted about four years before the bloggers and magazines, TV stations started to take away traffic.

However we stuck with it increasing our listing of Wineries, Cideries and Meaderies to over 800. We added new pages new features and once again the visitors returned. We had popular pages such as our history section, Women of Wine and The Best Wineries to Visit.
The summer of 2015 was very good to us as we slowly but surely gain back the traffic.
The website remains Canada's most popular source for information on Canada's wineries. We continue to operate in the RED.

The fall of 2015 will find us sprucing up the website, fine tuning the pages. We will of course continue the research discouvering new  wineries; letting the world see Canada's wineries through our eyes.

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