Thursday, February 25, 2016

I am not there

Vancouver International Wine Festival

Where does one begin to tell the story of why I am not attending this year International Wine Festival in Vancouver.

Perhaps, a starting point would be my first visit to the festival, so many years ago.  My wife and I  just happened to be in the convention centre and realized a wine event was taking place. We decided to venture in, although the tickets were expensive.

It was not very enjoyable. A crowded venue, a battle to reach the tables where wines were poured. You were ignored if a potential buyer came up to the table. It would be many years before I would return.

In 2013, I did return this time as Media. I had applied a few years prior and had been accepted, but my wife was denied. They said only one representative allowed. I found that was not true. This time, my dear wife did not wish to take part in the long days of attending seminars and tasting wines. I happily did and had a very busy but good time. Barabara came to the major tasting event, and we stayed overnight at the hotel.

In 2014, I was looking forward to the festival. I planned my calendar around the event., putting in my media application on the very first day.  As the event approached, I had not received my agenda. I made an inquiry and was informed my agenda had been lost. Lost?  The event coordinator told me she would do her best to find me some seminars to attend. I received one that was not suited to my interest. My event was ruined.

In 2015 as the festival approached I contacted a friend and asked if he had received notice of applications for the event. He forwarded the information there was only one day left to apply. Why was I not send the information? I applied and once again the coordinator told all seminars were booked. I found out later there were numerous empty chairs. What is going on?

As the 2016 festival approached, I debated what I was going to do. I decided to make the decision when the newsletter is saying it was time ao apply for media passes arrived. It never came. I did get one saying last day to apply. I decided quite quickly the event was not worth going to.

Some reasons for not going

1.       Very few BC wineries in attendance

2.       No other province would be  represented

3.       It is extremely crowded.

4.       Bringing my wife to the main tasting night very expensive.

5.       Poor treatment by event coordinator.

6.       Parking costs

7.       Strick times for media sessions, advantage to those in the first group.




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