Friday, February 3, 2017

One of the most renowned regions in British Columbia's  Okanagan is the Naramata Bench . The region extents north from the city of Penticton and runs along the east side of Okanagan Lake. The vineyards of the bench provide outstanding conditions for Merlot and Bordeaux varieties and full favourite Pinot Gris and Viognier.

Hillside state Winery was the first to establish themselves on the Bench. In 1984 Vera and Bohumir Klockockas began establishing the vineyard. Today Hillside is a major player in the Okanagan.

Kathy Malone has been the winemaker at Hillside since 2008. The only one we know producing Muscat Ottnel. The Hillside Bistro provides fine dinning.

 In 1969 Bob Ferguson and Tim Watts opened Kettle Valley winery, named after the old railway that use run along the east shore. They produce some lively and bold reds.

One winery that produces amazing wines we do not hear enough about is D'Angelo. Sal De Angelo had an establish winery in Ontario. He visited the Naramata falling in love with the region he immediately established a second winery here.

If you like Fruits wines Elephant Island is for your. Their is actually no Island an no elephant. Try the Pear wine.

One cannot forget Nichol Vineyards producing wines since 1993. Winemaker and owner Ross Hackworth produces a very good Syrah.

Among the well established wineries are Poplar Grove, the first winery you will see as you enter the Bench . Their vineyards were established in 1993. What a reputation they have made over the years

We also must mention, Black Widow, Black Cloud, Foxtrot, Meyer Family , Howling Bluff, La Frenz, Red Rooster, Serendipity, Van Westen, Township 7 and Lang among those helping making Naramata wines famous. In recent years new wineries have popped up on the Bench.

See them all at ~ The Naramata Bench

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