Friday, October 6, 2017

A good Chile Wine

Discovering that our cellar was running low on red wine and Everything Wine was having their big sale we made their way to their South Surrey location.  Needless to say it was not easy to find a parking spot. The store was quite busy. Cases of imported wines were stacked everywhere.

Caseloads of wine were heading out the door.  The Majority of these wines under $14.00 I made my way to the British Columbia wines, they were not on sale and the majority of the wines were over $20.00. I explored the wines reading the new brand put out by various wineries, as Barbara completed her selection of reds.

I came across a huge display of Ochagavia Wines a Chilean winery, located in Macul, Santiago. An employee was the stacking the wines. I spotted the price tag $8.99. "Why not I said to myself"

I selected the white wine Espuela. Took it home and drank it a week later. It was surprisingly good. A wonderful aroma.with soft citrus notes. Fresh tropical fruit flavours to finish.

It is not often we purchase wines outside of Canada but gee whiz when Canadian wines run 30 to 60 % higher in price what choice do I have!

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