Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year 2018 is upon us! Amazing as it seems I have not as yet opened a bottle of wine this year. We had selected port-style wine to with our Harvey Wallbanger Cake given to me at Christmas by our dear friends June and Peter.

Our choice for the night was going to be Unsworth Vineyard's Solera which we purchased about 4 years ago. However, we ended up drinking White Russians. As midnight approached the cake was gone and we decided to save the wine.


As we entered 2018 we will be approaching our 26th year of celebrating Canada's  wineries and her wines. Back in 1992, I can recall only Tony Aspler and John Schreiner paying Canada's wines any attention.

In recent years we started three pages that have become very successful for

The Best Wines of 2014 was the first of these pages. We ended 2017 with The Best of 2017
Chaberton Estate Reserve Bacchus was rated the highest.

Another feature page The Wineries to Watch for in 2018.
It's the page I most enjoy writing about.

However our most popular page the last three years has been. The Best Wineries to Visit.. http://www.winesofcanada.com/featured_winery_visit2018.html.

Back in 1992, the website was a winter project. Today so many wineries have opened  It has become an all most daily adventure into the wonderful world of Canad's wine industry!

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