Friday, October 5, 2018


As the years have flowed by I have noticed that more and more establishments are placing tip jars on the counter. Of course, in today's modern world, the tip selection always pops up on the credit card or debit machine.                                                               

At one time we tipped a waitress/waiter when provided with good service. We looked at the job as been a starting position for people and they were of course underpaid so we gave then a quarter (dating myself) or a little more. Somewhere along the line "the rule" became 10%. Then we added the pizza delivery guy and the barber to the list of those we tip. We are not counting those we give to at Christmas such as the paperboy ( i mean person) or mailman ( once again  I mean person)

When I first started visiting wineries no one charged for tasting fees, now they do I fully support that. They too have now added the tip jar!    Maybe that is ok after all they do more than the person handing you a paper cup in a coffee shop saying the coffee is over there"   

But let me give you an example of a recent experience.     My wife and I took friends to visit a local winery, It involved a 45-minute drive. We arrived to find construction material in the parking lot, a workers car blocking driveway and an employees car parked near the front door leaving but one small space to park the car.    That left two people having to exit the car into the construction gravel pile.

Next we are startled by the sounds of a dog barking our eyes fell upon the black   Doberman, Thankfully the dog was behind a fence. We opened the door to the winery and were once again started by another black dog running towards us.       Just image the fright !

Once we realized this was just a  Labrador Puppy we dodged around more construction material.

We were quickly informed by the staff member the winery closed at 5 O'clock

I asked that a bottle of wine be serviced on the patio Sorry " we can not serve you, you can buy the wine and take it out with you" Okay. So I pulled out the debit card stuck it in the machine and clicked ok of course you already know what popped up on the screen "add a tip" staring choice 18%.

Listen to me as prices continue to rise my pension does not and thus 10% 15 % whatever is always more and more. Yet service is less and less.

Well, that's my negative blog for today I blame a certain president for by bad attitude today.

Oh and by the way AT precisely 5 pm we were asked to leave.

We actually over tip today what is a decreasing quality in service.


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