Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Your French Fries and Wine.

Truth Been Known I would never consider ordering French Fries and wine together. 

French Fries can be defined as strips of potatoes deep fried until brown. They are an extremely popular dish. One often considers what wine they will order with their meal based on the main component of that meal, pasta, steak or fish. Seldom do we consider the side food that goes with our meal when ordering the wine.

French Fies are perhaps one of the most common "sides" on almost all dishes.

If you are having a simple dish of French Fries the best wine to have with the fries would be Champagne or sparkling wine. According to Vinepair the high acid, bubbles, and yeasty flavours of Champagne complement the salt, fat, and carby goodness of North America’s favourite side dish.

Now if you like to dip your fries in Mayonnaise try a Sauvignon Blanc.

There is also the classic fries and gravy  The gravy removes much of the greasy and salty taste (best not to have salt added but most restaurants do so).  I am going to suggest a  Gamay or Pinot Noir. The gravy changes everything.

Tater Tots are one of my favourite side dishes or an evening snack. A nice light wine like Riesling or Ortega goes well with these.

When in doubt you can always serve Chardonnay.

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