Saturday, August 3, 2019


Love my icewine. 

There I was roaming around the big mall in Tsawwassen trying to kill time. My lovely wife was attending a function with one of her Women's Organizations. I am not good at killing time.

It was getting late when the text message to come on over. I did so!  The event was almost over when I arrived and many of the ladies were on there way home. It was a very pleasant night and I found my wife sipping wine in the garden.

I knew that Mary the chef and co-host at the event would offer me wine, I decided that been tired I would forgo the wine as we had a long ride home. As expected Mary came carrying a bottle. " Bob would you like some Icewine" I immediately perked up, a smile appeared on my face, there was no way I was refusing Icewine.

I was immediately impressed by the wine. It was smooth and full of flavours The perfect sweetness.
It was a Vidal Icewine from G Marquis in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario. Oh boy! It was good!!

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