Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Who drinks Champagne!

In my world as small as it may be very few people drink Champagne. In fact, most people do not realize we have an international agreement with France that only sparkling wines produced in the champagne application region of France are entitled to label their product Champagne.

So perhaps the question is who drinks Sparkling wine. Once again in my world very few do.  Champagne is known around the world as an indulgence and expensive luxury.  You can buy cheap sparkling wines but if you want really good Champagne you have to pay for it.

In my world, I am more often served a Mimosa. Mimosa is a mixture of sparkling wine ( Champagne if you have it)  and Orange juice. It is best to use a dry wine.

In Canada, we have a number of wineries that specialize in Sparkling wines. Nova Scotia seems to be perfect for producing the right grapes. Benjamin Bridge has distinguished itself as one of Canada's top producers of sparkling wine and built a national following for its critically-acclaimed Nova 7, which has helped raise the profile of Nova Scotia's wine industry within Canada and abroad.

L'Acadie  Winery owned by Bruce and Pauline Ewert is another top producer of sparkling wines in Nova Scotia. Bruce and Pauline grow primarily L’Acadie Blanc grapes and craft them into a premium, traditionally bottle-fermented sparkling wines and still wines.

The award for Best Sparkling wine at the All Canadians went to Two Sisters Vineyards of Niagara-on-the Lake, Ontario for their Blanc de Franc.

Summerhill Pyramid Winery in Kelowna, BC is a well known and respect producer of Sparkling wines.

Canada has come along way in its product of Sparkling. Devote winemakers are producing wines that are considered to be just as good or perhaps even better than those coming from France.

The Bubbles in sparkling wine ( and soft drinks) comes from  Carbon Dioxide gas. It is this effervescence that I do not enjoy.  I even let my ginger ale fizzle out before drinking it.

Just one more note here when you watch the World Series and see the winning team celebrate in the locker room chances are its a cheap sparkling wine that gets spread around the room.

Remember Sparkling wine can be opened safely without sending a cork fly across the room. You may have noticed today that championship winners celebrate their Champagne ritual by first wearing safety glasses.  Thus another reason I do not care for sparkling wines I hate opening the bottle. So many of our friends say to me your the wine guy please open.... Thankfully most do not drink Champagne.

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