Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Is the wine world becoming too rich for us! I just checked into the price of staying at a winery guest house here in British Columbia. Minimum stay 2-night price $1000. That's right $1000.  Definitely the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Okay onward to the next winery. Here the room prices ranged from $189 to $369 depending upon the season. The amenities are good but still, that's expensive. A third winery prices ranged from $229 - $349 a night. These prices were for their lowest accommodation.

In this third one, you could pay a slightly higher rate for the executive suite. Listed amenities, daily housekeeping, free wifi, queen bed with a duvet and breakfast.

I checked out two more small family wineries with guest houses/ rooms. As hard as I tried without phoning them there were no prices listed.

Looking at hotels in the Okanagan wine country the best price I could find for offseason was $98.00. Sorry, no swimming pool. They did provide daily housekeeping, free wifi, queen bed and breakfast.

Two of the expensive wineries listed above had restaurants. Neither website provided a menu. I bet the prices will be above average.

Curiosity! I just had to go to one of the Okanagan's most popular winery restaurants to check out their prices.  Entrees range from $26 to $56. Although they add a wine suggestion for each meal they did not provide the wine prices.

A non-Okanagan winery entrees went from $27 to $29. The wines were twice the price at the restaurant than those in the tasting room.

Maybe  I should have saved more over the years.

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