Saturday, January 2, 2021

 Hey! It's 2021

Staring with a few appies and some wine my wife and I settled in on New Year's Eve to watch movies on Netflix. That was only a few days ago and already I have forgotten the movies.  The wine I remember. Church and State 2017 Marsanne.

Not the most common grape by far. There are perhaps more than 250 different varietals grown in British Columbia. 

Top ten varieties in order of acres:  Merlot  Pinot Gris  Pinot Noir  Chardonnay  Cabernet Sauvignon  Gewurztraminer  Cabernet Franc  Syrah  Riesling  Sauvignon Blanc

Marsanne is a white wine grape, most commonly found in the Northern Rhone region. Outside of France, it is also grown in Switzerland, Spain Australia, New Zealand, United Staes and Canada.

 Marsanne produces a deep gold coloured wine with high alcohol content. The flavours range from nutty to fruity. Road 13  2018 provides a cream honey finish which is quite nice.

Moon Curser 2019 won Gold at The All Canadians.

Church and State Winery -Marsanne 2017

A perfect golden colour. Aromas of fresh apricot, dried orange peel, and honeycomb, finishing off with nuts and fruit flavours 90

Happy New Year!

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