Friday, December 12, 2014

The Best Wines of 2014

If you have taken the opportunity to read my report called The Best Wines of 2014, perhaps you noticed they were all wines from British Columbia. Sad isn't it. Ontario makes excellent wines. Award winning wines at international competition The problem is Ontario  wines are not for sale in British Columbia where I live.

The same is true for Quebec, Nova Scotia and other eastern provinces you simply cannot but them in BC.  Its a fact that befuddles my way of thinking. You can buy wines from around the world in any BC government run store but wines from other provinces  NO! .. stupid.

Some wineries will ship wines from Ontario to BC. The federal government say YES the Ontario Government say no.. Merry Christmas Premier Kathleen Wynne hope you get your lump of coal.

But my point here is not to argue the law it is to point out why no wines outside of BC did not make my list . I had no opportunity this year to taste them

The Best of 2014

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