Monday, February 23, 2015

Sensational Friday Night

Please to not read this blog. I would like to keep this event a secret. I want to have a place for me and my wife at the table. I'm talking about Blackwood Lanes sensational Friday Night Wines challenges.
It is a very simple formate.

You arrive with a bottle of wine and an appetizer. Winery owner Carlos Lee then challenges the wine guest brings with a wine of his own. You get to taste some excellent wines from around the world while comparing them to Blackwood Lane BC wines.

On our last visit Carlos decide to make it a Merlot theme night. He did surprise us by starting the evening off with his yet to be released Riesling. The Riesling was so good I immediately ordered a case. Carlos then offered up something totally new. A locally ( Fraser Valley wine) that I'm not even allowed to tell you about. I suggest you visit the Winery.

We then sat down at the rather larger 16 seat table that has been reduce in size to fit the room and enjoyed some magnificent wines. They came from France, Italy, Washington state. the Okanagan and South Africa.

What a night! Carlos then surprised us by offering 2006 Merlot.

Good wines, good food and great conversation.
Blackwood Lane is home to 2008 The Referènce a wine gave a 97

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