Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Night at the Operetta

Saturday a busy night on the streets of Vancouver. A Bob Seger concert, a Whitecaps football (soccer) game and the Operetta. Add in the usual Saturday nigh crowds and you had a traffic jam. Our objective was the parking lot of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. We were going to the Operetta Die Fledermaus.

Prior to the performance six of us would be dinning at Lupo Hamilton St, Vancouver. As the traffic stalled we let the ladies out and crawled our way the nearest parking lot. Where we paid $25.00 to park twice the normal rate been a EVENT night ( is that not price gouging?).

From the parking lot the men walked to the restaurant It was a warm and splendid evening. The ladies by now were seated at Lupo enjoying a glass of wine. We entered the restaurant and quickly greeted. I told the host we were with the Bell party.. she had to go and look it up unaware she had previously seated the ladies just moments before.

The room she lead us to was blah to say the least. Lupo's describes their location as a charming delightful heritage home. I beg to differ.

Our waiter was difficult to hear over the noise. He chose to stand at one end of the table rather than move about the table. His accent was difficult to interrupt as well. But the menu very simple full of sea food dishes and averaged $26.00 a plate. Very thing and I do mean everything was priced separate. An order of bread was $4.00. I'm surprised there was no charge for water.

The wine was good a Riesling from Joiefarms wine in the Naramata region of BC. My meal Penne Bolognese made Chef Boyardee look good. The portions for meals averaging $26.00 extremely small I actually left the restaurant feeling hungry and angry at the over all pricing..

I could pick Lupo apart with other minor details that were lacking from a fine dinning establishment but I think you feel my frustration.

It was on to Die Fledermaus for a very enjoyable performance.

On Monday we had our own dinner party serving pork ribs and some very good BC wines from Pacific Breeze and Blackwood Lane.

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