Friday, March 10, 2017

Life's too Short to Drink Bad Wines

Apparently not!

It may surprise you but when it comes to my e-mail the #1 question is "Why can't I find Brights ____ wine anymore"   Apparently Brights labelled wines are still a bigger seller in eastern Canada, and they are cheap! This 4000 ml sells for $35.00. The Brights wines are a Cellared in Canada product of Constellation Brands. The Brand is slowly being discontinued  with wines made under different brands.

Maria Christina  seems to be among the most popular of the Brights wines selling for $7 to  $10 depending on the province. I have never tasted the wine so it may be okay! But people do seek out cheap wines.

I will just ignore  Jesus Juice; whoever produces that is after the profit and has no passion for true wine. Schloss Laderheim is a cheaper but popular wine a little bit better in my humble opinion than Baby Duck. There is also Hochtaler and a few others first made back in 60-70s that are still around today.
Really Australia, why?  Labels like this are common in the USA seems people buy them for the label.

Okay it says Francais but no real French winemaker would do this, but it sells. So much for the idea that Life is too short to buy cheap wines.

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