Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wine and Dine at the Family Chain Restaurant

They are everywhere, easy to find, and offer reasonable pricing  along with menu items that suit the entire family. Therefore we often find ourselves dining at White Spot, Matches, Swiss Chalet or Applebee's.

We may decide that a glass of wine will enhance the meal. The prices look okay. The question is when the menu says Jackson Triggs pinot grigio are we getting a Cellared in Canada wine or a VQA wine.

I will not order a known Cellared in Canada wine such as the one pictured above. I do not buy a Cellared in Canada wine for enjoyment at home. However, in some chain restaurants, there is often no other choice for wines listed from Canada. Restaurant chains usually do not have high-end wine lists.  In many establishments you're lucky to find any Canadian wines, but that is changing.  You can probably for $6.00 a glass, trust a name like Sumac Ridge or Jackson-Triggs to provide a good wine, even if it is their Cellared in Canada selection.

Chances of finding  wine in these restaurants or a bar like the quaility of Painted Rock is  almost zero. There are some, like Catus Club that actually have a very good wine list. What you have to do is ask the server to show you the bottle or ask if the wine is  VQA.

There are people that like and enjoy boxed wines from those early days. They are often served in small family owned restaurants. All I can say is, "I hope the food is good!" :}

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