Friday, August 25, 2017

Closed for Event

Sometimes writing a blog can be very difficult. The fact that wineries often close for special events I find very annoying.
Right now I am finding it difficult to express why I feel this way. I have twenty-five years of experience in the hospitality industry but granted none as a winery manager or owner.

I realise it’s a quick and profitable means for the winery to have a special one-day event. But what about those people who planned a visit to a winery that day and find it closed. Closed because the winery does not have the space or staff to run a special event and greet their regular customers at the same time? DO you sacrifice the public’s trust that you are open on the day your Facebook page and website say you are? Are people who arrive at your door and find you closed unhappy perhaps even angry with you?

I just know I would be very upset if I came to your door and found you closed. I have experienced it a few times. A few years ago my wife and I planned a trip to Vancouver Island. I check with four wineries to see if they would be open. According to their website, all four would be open.  We drove through the back roads of Saanich Peninsula searching for the first winery only to find it closed. So was winery two and three. We did not bother going to the fourth winery.  

Posting a notice on Facebook saying your closed that day for an event is not good enough! Not posting correct hours on your website, unforgivable.

Will the people who arrive at your door to find you closed willing to return, studies have shown the majority do not. When they go to the store ready to purchase wine for diner do they deliberately avoid your wine because of the disappointment of discovering your doors were closed that day? DO they tell others about their frustration at finding you closed Yes they do!

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