Monday, September 11, 2017

A Return to Seaside Pearl Farmgate  Winery

Barbara and I were returning home from a day trip through the Fraser Valley, near Abbotsford when on a whim we decided to turn south and visit the good folks at Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery. Our first visit was back in the spring prior to their opening, we were quite impressed with the winery, as well as owners, Allison and David Zimmerman.

Seaside Pearl is located in the Mt. Lehman area near the Fraser River, known as horse country it is gaining a reputation as the Mt Lehman winery triangle. The neighbouring wineries are Mt Lehman and Single Tree.

One enters the winery through an iron gate then along the driveway next to vineyards and horse pastures, towards the chapel style tasting room. Once again we were warmly greeted by Allison and her lovely smile as we entered the building.

 We had been impressed by the winery back in the spring even though the finishing touches had not yet been completed. This time we were impressed by the quality and beauty of it. Comfortable patio furniture is out, the trees are decorated with tiny lights, pleasant background music is wafting through the air, the ambience is very welcoming.

Allison invited us to a wine tasting, we were more than happy to oblige her. She was knowledgeable and cheerful in her explanation of each wine, and the stories behind the names were a bonus. We tasted wine from each bottle in the photo.

Allison puts together a very nice cheese tray, featuring cheeses from a neighbouring farm to go along with the tastings. While there a young couple on vacation from Manitoba stopped by, they too were impressed with the wines  Barbara and I  highly recommend you visit Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery

Our first visit to the winery

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