Thursday, November 2, 2017

Classic Hamburger Soup

As the rains of Autumn begins, it is a good time to enjoy a hearty Hamburger Soup. The soup is easily made by just mixing the ingredients in a crockpot. You have the hamburger, beef broth and whatever your heart desires may be added.

I know two people that make amazing hamburger soup. Our dear friend June and my wife Barbara.
Recently we had the pleasure of having six of our closest friends over for lunch where we served Hamburger soup.

It has been suggested that a light crisp white wine should be served with hamburger soup. However, I am not one that worries too much on matching foods and wine. On this occasion, we served very nice Blueberry wine from Kings Court in Ontario prior to the meal. With the soup the Blackwood Lane Viognier was perfect. Those who chose a red started with the Cab Franc from Blackwood Land followed by their Alliance. All three wines seemed to compliment the soup.

Thankfully my wife made enough for us to have leftovers the next evening. This time we had a Pinot Grigio From Coastal Ridge in California.

Our next selection for a hearty meal will be French Onion Soup. I think the dry Baccus from Chaberton will do nicely. You could also go with a French Aligoté or perhaps St Hubertus Chasselas.

For Reds Try a classic Beaujolais or a Gamay.

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