Saturday, November 11, 2017

Writer's Block

Enjoying an afternoon and evening party of six good friends our host Peter and June introduced us to a wine from California.  It was the interesting labels ( front and back) that caught our interest. The wine was called Writer's Block. On the front label, it read  "bottled and produced by OMS Group Kelseyville California". Kelseyville is in the Lake Country north of Napa Valley where this year's forest fires endangered and destroyed some wineries.

The back label was most interesting with a verse in American English and old world English written byAnn Holmes.

I decided to Google OMS Group to see what I could find about this wine. There was only a reference to a Company in Ontario, Canada. So this was a dead end. I then Google Writer's Block Wine. This provided only a brief note on the wine itself nothing about its producer.

This time I Googled wineries in Kelseyville California. It was winery number six that provided the answer. Stelle winery was the producer. Although if you go through their current list of wines for sale Writer's Block 2012 Petite Sirah is not listed. Sirah is the spelling on the label. Their website spells it Syrah. Further research was required.

Writer's Block is a collaboration between winery owner Jed Steel and his son Quincy. Quincy worked a few years in Australia and Argentina learning the trade of a winemaker before return home. They combined New world and Old world techniques to produce the wine.

They also produced Roussanne, Marsanne, Counoise, under the Writer's Block label.

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