Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Turkey Wine

Today on Facebook I saw a post from the Executive Editor at The Cork Report. He wrote "Do people really panic about Thanksgiving wine pairings? Do they really need "expert" advice?"

I had no hesitation in giving my simple reply NO!  People are busy with arranging the event the meal. Very little time is spent in worrying about the wine. So many people are either red or white. It's that simple.

I myself go for a light refreshing white. No special trips to the store are made. Red is always available for those who prefer it.

The only time you worry is when you invite someone who is connected with the industry who is so in a special way. Otherwise, your inviting family and friends whose tastes you already know.

There is a wide array of wines suggested by the wine writers such as Gamay, Pinot Noir and Zinfindel. Dry Rose and Sangiovese. I suggest Milo, Riesling or Bacchus.

This year at Thanksgiving we did not have turkey. For Christmas, we will be the guest, whatever they serve I am sure I will be extremely happy . I will be among friends and that is more than enough to make any wine better.

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