Monday, May 7, 2018

 The Hellish Price of Canadian Wine.

 Simple question why do Canadian wines have higher prices than imported wines? Granted any wine producer can give you some legitimate reasons for this, but can they really, I mean really, justify the huge difference.

Just the other I walked into one of BC major wine shops. You could barely move about the store with cases of wine stacked 8 feet high. The wines were from Spain, Chile, South Africa Italy and France. The prices ranged from $5.99 to $14.99. The majority selling for $8.99.

I spotted a woman being helped by a sales rep. The sales rep had a dolly. I watched as he placed 4 cases of wine on the dolly I walked over to the women. I asked her "have you tried this wine?" "Is it any good?" "Yes and Yes" she said. "It must be with four cases" I said. Her reply I am buying 6 cases. It is only $5.99.

I then proceeded to the BC section. I DECIDED TO LOOK FOR A WINE UNDER TEN DOLLARS. I COULD NOT FIND ONE. I then looked for wines under $12.00 I could not find one.  Ok  I picked at random a section of wines counted 20 bottles added up the price and came up with the average price of the wines $37.12. Yes, I stood there all alone in the BC section shaking my head watching imported wines going out the door by the case load.

So once again I had to ask the question why such a big price difference!

I had to think about the number of  Canadian wineries building new and enlarged winery facilities.
Are Canada's wines overpriced like gas?

Look at the popular winery recently build in the Naramata bench Wow! The average price from the winery $21.00

This winery is about to open in Pentiction. It is their second winery. Their price range goes from $24.00 to $85

I would say about 70 % of Canada's wineries in Ontario and BC have improved their facilities in the last 5 years. Is it just good business planning, increased wine sales or some overpricing!

I am retired now living on a fixed budget BC  wines
will not be on my table as often as they once were. It makes me sad.

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