Sunday, June 24, 2018

Oh Dear

Seldom do we write up a negative article. However today I will. Why? Because Whitespot did not respond to my letter of complaint. A company of this size with a significant "face" in British Columbia's hospitality industry has to do better.

Our problem began on a BC ferry from Swartz Bay (near Victoria) to the Tsawwassen Terminal. Been foot passengers, the four of us made our way quickly to the Coastal Cafe. There were two people in front of us and they were quickly dispatched.  Our friend went first then my wife and I was last of our group.

If you do not know Whitespot is your major restaurant provider in the Coastal Cafe. The limited menu is almost all hamburgers. The products are of course over priced. Service is cafeteria style and is designed to be quick due to the rush of customers upon loading of the ferry.

My wife order did not come up as quickly as the people before us. We waited about 5 minutes for her order. I had had to wait almost an additional ten minutes. An extremely long time. The ladies taking orders seemed quite content to stand back and chat among themselves.

When the cooks tossed three hamburgers under the heat lamps the ladies could not remember who ordered what. I was given my double cheese and bacon burger. Meanwhile, my wife was waiting at the cashier where we would pay for both orders. The cashier explained the slow service by saying the whole crew is new.

Been in the restaurant business for 25 years that is an unacceptable excuse.

Turns out the slow service was nothing compared to the horrible looking hamburger that awaited me. Cold uncooked french fries. Dried out overcooked meat with dried cheese and a green stain from the pickle.

I complained to the cashier who sat patiently at the till due to the continued slow service. The fries were replaced not the burger by ferry personnel. Once again the excuse of a new crew was given.

The coffee was good. A refill was free due to the poor food LOL

Later I almost threw up the hamburger when I visited the ships washroom it was disgusting. I and others retreated.

Once home I sent an e-mail both to BC Ferries and Whitespot. BC Ferries responded with an apology White Spot has not responded.

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