Saturday, June 30, 2018

BBQ Season

Yes! Summer has arrived and it is BBQ time. When men discovers the great outdoors , they grab a beer and begins to cook. But wait why not have wine instead of beer. Wine is the in" beverage today.

What wines go best with Hamburgers. Since hamburgers are beef. Red meat usually goes best with red wines.  If you like your burger straight up with minimal toping Cabernet Sauvignon is a good idea. I also like Petit Verdot.

If you are going spicy perhaps a Rose or maybe a Zinfandel.

The type of cheese can also make a difference.  For cheddar I like Cabernet Sauvignon add BBQ sauce and I am back to whites.

If you are adding blue cheese, grilled onions, the works you will want a spicer wine with robust flavours to match the toppings. Try Malbec, Zinfandel or a Cotes du Rhone

Some people like chardonnay or even sparkling wines with their hamburger.

In all cases chose wines with lower alcohol levels.

So what about wines with hot dogs. The answer is Sparkling wines.  Try a L'Acadie wine from Nova Scotia. Sauvignon Blanc also works well. Although as with the hamburger topping can affect which wines goes best.

As for steak on the BBQ  I think everyone has their favourite wine and that is what I go with. 

I like an Ortega  (try Larch Hill Winery) or a Bacchus from Chaberton to drink on hot summer days to me they go well with anything of the grill.

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