Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Charles Krug 1980

There is nothing like a good friend, especially one that comes for dinner bringing a 39-year-old bottle of wine from the icon Charles Krug winery in the Napa Valley.

Charles Krug was a pioneer in the California wine industry Staring Napa Valleys first winery in 1861 and opening its tasting room in 1882.

We had a dinner party with five of our closest friends. In our house, we usually serve Canadian VQA wines along with additional offerings provided by our guest. This evening we celebrated with the 39-year-old wine with great anticipation.

Would the Zinfandel stand the taste of time? Would age be its enemy! The wine had been properly stored. The cork seemed moist. It was just a matter of opening it and tasting the wine.

Following Krug's death, James Moffitt Sr. purchased the winery in 1894. In 1943, Robert Mondavi persuaded his parents, Cesare and Rosa Mondavi, to purchase the inactive winery from Moffitt for $75,000.

The winery was named to the National Register of Historic places in 1974.

Our anticipation was heightened when the cork broke when in the process of pulling it out of the bottle. The bottom half slipping back into the bottle.

I was honoured to be allowed to be the first to sample the wine.  There was a nice aroma of black fruits. I willing say the aroma may have weakened for the years. The first sip was impressive as I swirled the wine about my mouth. Soft spicy and smooth is how I would describe the wine. We had a winner.

It was now time to allow everyone to decide for themselves if the like the wine; a 39-year-old gem. Small tasting portions were poured.  Everyone was impressed. Demands were made to fill the glasses once again.

Charles Krug would be proud. I was feeling blessed for having such good friends.

The winery is located at 2800 Main St Saint Helena .
Did I mention Barbara and I honeymooned in Napa Valley in 1992. Our saty in Napa led to our love of wine and the the establishment of Winesofcanada.com

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