Saturday, May 11, 2019

It's Summer

Summer-like weather has come to the lower mainland of British Columbia. It is only the first week of May and here we have temperatures in  20s and it will get even hotter. This gave Barbara and I the opportunity to enjoy the patio and the gifts of nature along with some delicious appies and fine wine.

Barbara brought the cheeses, cucumbers, snow peas, celery, avocado dip and other delights. I made the chose of wine. Today the wine would be Seaside Pearls Fraser Valley Gold Chardonnay. A most refreshing light wine. Abundant with citrus flavours that tantalized your taste buds.

There are many wines that can be referred to as patio wines. Two others that I really enjoy are Bacchus and Ortega. Ros├ęs are also very popular.

As the evening cooled Barbara switched to a  Lake Breeze,  Lieutenant Governor’s Wine of the Year award for 2018 for our 2016 Pinot Noir.

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