Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Not all Wines are Good!

Back in Spring, I attained Bloom  the BC VQA Spring release. Its a wonderful event providing an opportunity to taste wines from over 100 wineries. I was quite excited. In fact, I went to the event even thou I was enduring the pain of three kidney stones.

As I toured the event I spotted one of the Okanagan's newest winery. I had not tasted their wines nor had they responded to my information requests. Opportunity knocks.

I approached the table and said hello receiving the most uninterested look and a mumbled response. It was if they were bored and just wanted to go home. I tasted a few of their wines.
The whites all tasted the same, like an over sweet Gewürztraminer.

Was it just me? Were those kidney stones affecting my tasting ability? Did their lack of hospitality affect my judgement? It was time for some water and a quick snack.

Now fast forward to a few weeks ago when friends came over for dinner. They just happened to bring along a bottle (a white blend) from this same winery.

Once again an opportunity to reflect upon a winery that was most noted by me for frequent Facebook postings. Surely the wine would taste better now than at Bloom. Bloom just had to have been an off day for me.

However despite being a blend that did not include Gewürztraminer, the wine taste like a very sweet pop. Reminding me of Baby Duck. Needless to say, the wine went down the drain.

Not the first time wines in our home have been poured down the drain. It is extremely rare!

If your looking for a little assistance in selecting a good wine please see Robert's Selections

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