Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Wearing Gloves for Protection:

You may think this is a good idea BUT!

Gloves are worn to prevent cross-contamination. Wearing the same pair of gloves as you move about only transmits germs. If you are wearing the same pair of gloves when you enter a grocery store and touch the grocery cart to when you leave you may have spread germs from the cart to every product you touch.

A friend posted a gif. on Facebook, the other day explaining why wearing gloves is for professional use (nurses) not for you to wear around town. It reminded me of an incident in Tim Horton's a few years ago.

My wife and were enjoying a cup of coffee when I noticed the manager come out of his office and send the sandwich girl on her break. He did not wash his hands but put on a pair of gloves. He then proceeded to clean his area. Upon receiving an order he made that sandwich and then made a second one.

Once completing his sandwiches he came into the seating area cleaning tables and removing dirty dishes. He returned to the food prep area and proceeded to make a sandwich. He completed his entire shift of thirty minutes wearing the same gloves. A total and complete violation of numerous health laws.

I reported this to Tim Horton's head office. They did not respond.

Another example of wrong behaviour in the food industry, occurring in wineries. The employee hands should never touch the rim of the glass. Next time you get the opportunity, watch it happens frequently.

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