Monday, June 8, 2020

My wife was reading her Facebook page when she noticed a posting for Gracie's Next Door (a restaurant in Tsawwassen) celebrating the opening of their new patio and return of their Sunday Brunch this was exciting news, as restaurants had been closed for 3 months during the pandemic. We weren't quite ready for indoor dining, but a sunny patio was definitely a plus!  Barb contacted friends who agreed that brunch on a patio would work, so four seniors were gungho for a good time!   

The posting recommended reservations. Barb called the restaurant, a voice message indicated that all reservations were done online, no problem we are used to that format.  Gracie's and Mario's located side by side (same owners) share an online reservation service run by . The system requires you to sign up for an account (what!) before you can confirm a reservation. Why would you make your customers go through this to make a simple reservation?

After numerous questions plus coming up with a password, she was successful in getting a reservation for the next day at 1:00 pm on the patio. An e-mail was received to confirm patio seating for four.

We arrived at Gracie's as planned, parking was easy. The patio looked attractive we were looking forward to our meal. However, our host did not give an owls hoot that we had a reservation.  He tried to get us to sit inside or wait for the next empty table. Walk-ups were being seated regardless of our reservation. Remember, they recommended reservations "Reservations available from the website as walk-in space is very limited." is what the voice message suggested and is printed on their website. 

After a reasonable wait, we were seated, however,  it was quite a while before menus were provided and even a longer wait for the waitress to appear. Thankfully she was quite charming.

Two of us were to be disappointed with no French Toast and Strawberries (their feature) they "ran out". I have managed restaurants and owned a restaurant. Never, and I repeat never, would I  not have the advertised item available. It is a complete and absolute no-no. Especially when you are trying to reclaim your business.

French Toast is a very simple item not having it available makes me think they were using pre-made french toast. I mean you have bread, you have eggs if you run out dash to the store, it's right next door.

 To start Barbara and I ordered a Mimosa which was very good!  Ken ordered the Cornbread Benny and Barbara had the Frittata Patata they both gave their dish 5 stars. Jane and I settled for the traditional two-egg breakfast. It might also be pointed out no silverware was provided the waitress had to fetch and return with napkins and silverware as we waited.

Forgetting about the reservations hassle we enjoyed our meals, the service and each other's company.

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