Thursday, June 18, 2020

BBQ Season has Arrived

BBQ Season has Arrived

Yes, the season is here, roll out the grill. Visit the store and purchase those steaks, hamburgers, chicken and corn on the cob. We also tend to buy BBQ sauces.

BBQ sauces come in all kinds of flavours.. There is original, white, sweet, honey , Asian, mustard, smokey, Jalapeno, tangy and ....

Have we selected our wine for the this wonderful summer event. We all know reds for steak and white for chicken. We know our favourite red and our favourite whites. We know what goes best with each meat selections but wait a minute. We have added something here! We have introduced new flavours by adding BBQ sauce.

The flavours of the sauce have a big impact on what wine you should choose.

Remember never serve foods sweeter than your wine. The sweet the sauce the sweeter the wine should be. Dry rubs and vinegar-based sauces need drier wines.

When it comes to hamburgers  I like a original light non-sweat BBQ sauce lightly spread over the burger. Try merlot, cab Sauvignon or Zinfandel. I can also go with Bacchus. Those who insist upon a red may like Syrah.

With steak going with a little heavier sauce Pinot Noir is very good.
Chardonnay works well with many of the over flavoured BBS sauces on today market.

Although we think we have the right wine remember the sauce changes the flavours of those meats. One hint that I have to admit we have not yet tried. chilling the reds.

Stay healthy enjoy the summer!

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