Monday, November 2, 2020

 Party at the Keg

Last night a dear friend treated Barbara and me to dinner at the Morgan Creek Keg. It was Barb's birthday. It was a wonder-full time  good conversation, laughs, memories, good food and fine wine. The evening lasting over two hours.

I was a happy camper from the very start as we turned into a well lite parking lot and easily found a spot close to the entrance. The Keg has a double door entrance between the door a young lady awaited guests opening the door ensuring Covid 19 protocols. You tell she was greeting us with a big smile even under her mask. She extremely polite and soon had us inside where a second host greeted us and guided us to our table where three friends were waiting for. 

Barbara and I found the chairs a bit too soft and far too low for our comfort. That was no problem for the very polite and smiling staff, who quickly replaced the chairs.

Wine time! Our dear friend Mary was our dinner party host and she selected a very nice wine, Stags Leaps Cabernet Sauvignon.

Four of us relaxed and sipped the wine as we discussed the menu. Mary's daughter Lucy needs to age a bit before she can partake. The wine was present in the proper manner and served correctly. Well done Keg!

The presentation of gifts for the birthday girl came next. It was a wonderful night for Barbara. The most memorable part was the wonderful words written on the cards.

Appetizers were ordered next. For those partaking Shrimp Cocktails was the popular choice. Those shrimps were huge and apparently delicious.

Four out of five ordered the Prime Rib classic. Classic means salad (your choice) and sides ( your choice) included. The young lady Lucy went for the steak a Top Sirloin.

Simply put the meals were prepared to perfection. My prime rib was so tender, so juicy and delicious. The portions rather larger and that's a good thing. Add a little more wine and we were all having a most wonderful evening. The time just flew by.

The birthday girl and Lucy were the only ones to have dessert. Lucky went with a chocolate brownie and Barb went for the crème brûlée.

Well done Keg! Superior serve, excellent food and good Covid protocol!

Thank you, Mary!! 

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