Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Skilled Chef in a Tiny Coffee Shop!

Once again Barbara and I along with two dear friends found ourself having Sunday Brunch at a very special coffee shop. A coffee shop with a very friendly, kind and skillful chef. I will of course not tell you where this hidden gem is. We want it all to ourself.

The menu is short but has expanded from our first visit just a few short months ago. It features all one needs for a classic Sunday brunch.

Without a doubt Larry the co-owner along with his wife Kelly makes the best Lobster Benny in all of Ocean Park and for that matter all of South Surrey. According to their son, he also makes the very best pancakes.

Lead by Kelsey the staff is friendly and very efficient. They help make your visit an enjoyable one. The coffee is also quite good.

On this particular morning, Larry provided some freshly baked Cresent rolls. Oh so good!

Now on Saturday Larry's featured menu item is Beef Dip! My favourite dining out meal. I mentioned that Larry was a kind gentleman. He saved me some prime rib and produced a beef dip for me.. Yum!

Now my wife is a member of the Soroptimist Club of White Rock. An organization that aids women in need. Larry and Kelly also run a clothing store beside their coffee shop. They donated a huge box of clothing for Barbara to give to the Soroptimists.

I hope you have not figured out where this little gem close to the Safeway store is located. I want to have a table when we go there. So far Barbara and I have sat at every table at least once. I like the one in the window where  I can look across the street at the community club.

Going to the coffee shop was part of Barbara's birthday celebrations. Larry provided a tiramisu for Barbara. We sang Happy Birthday to her and where joined in by a couple of Dudes at another table.

Sometimes after visiting the coffee shop we would go a block south and walk around  Kwomais Park. Other times we would go north and visit Crescent Park. I am thinking we might have to do it the other way around at work up at the coffee shop after our walk. A pulled pork sandwich or a chocolate brownie with a hot cup of coffee.

Now for a little secret. Larry and Kelly are going to open..................!

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