Sunday, July 15, 2018

Once again we are back at BBQ. In this 90 degrees F  (30 C) we are enjoying ice water and a little white wine as we prepare to BBQ some baby back ribs.

Over the years we have often done wine and rib dinners on the patio.  So we have a little experience with what wines go best with ribs.

I find the main factor is the BBQ sauce on the ribs. Most known brand sauces and dry reds do not mix well. I would avoid that. In our group of friends, we have diehard red drinkers so the main trick is to find a wine for them.

Before we look into the red I am going to suggest ribs go best with white wines and so does any salad served with the ribs. Corn on the Cob also like the whites A Pinot Gris, Ortega or Bacchus is perfect with ribs.

You may be able to satisfy the red drinker with A Rose or a red  Zinfandel . If not try an earthy red like Pinot Noir

Prosecco, Cava and Sparking are better with saucy ribs. Once again the key to your wine selections depends upon that sauce.

Now dry spicy rubs are a different ball game. I am still going for my Ortega or Bacchus ( Chaberton Estate) or perhaps a Petite Milo Seaside Pearl). However, the red comes in to play. Try a Pinot Noir or Vicuña Roja from Blackwood Lane.

Ribs are finger foods so put the fancy glasses away

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