Monday, July 23, 2018

Apple Pie

How well does the classic Apple pie go with wine?  Hey, there is a wine for everything!   But before we take a look at dessert, check out  this wine.

Produced by the Oliver Wine company in Bloomington In.
"Combine comforting taste of crisp baked apples, with warmth and gentle, sweet brown sugar and nutmeg spice."

Despite this fine wine I am going to recommend port - style wines to go with your apple pie.
La Frenz Vintage Port Style is a perfect chose  I also like their NV Liquer Muscat.
If you are in Quebec may I suggest the Bilodeau NV Nectar Glace

Icewines are also very good with apple pie. There are numerous award-winning icewines produced in Ontario.

Moscato d'Asti. To end your meal on a lighter note,  a low-alcohol, sweet, fizzy wine from Italy

Oh and try a Tawny port with apple pie and ice cream  ( use only the pure product) and caramel sauce yum.

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