Monday, August 27, 2018

One vs Two

When it comes to serving alcohol there are a number of rules and regulations that must be followed. Some are very beneficial and worth enforcing, others well they do not make sense.

On Saturday my wife, friends and I attended the ball game at Nats Bailey Stadium. Beer sales are allowed in the ballpark with numerous locations to obtain your beer, along with vendors walking the stands.  The rule here says you can only purchase two beer at a time. Two been the keyword.

Now, yesterday visiting at a very busy restaurant there was a table wait. It was happy hours so I went to the bar to purchase a glass of wine for the two of us. I place my order one white and one red wine, please. The bartender shook his head and said I can't do that. I'll talk about his response in a moment.

Okay why at the ballpark I may purchase two beer but in a restaurant, I can't purchase two wines.  The bartender says he was only following the law. The law is different! That makes no sense.

The bartender I am sure has a Serving It Right licence  This is a mandatory self-study course that educates licensees, managers and servers about their legal responsibilities when serving alcohol in British Columbia.

Now I checked out this serving it right some people doing tastings at wine events have it some have never heard of it.

Getting back to the bartender. His approach was rather wrong he should have offered an apology saying the law prohibits him from serving two glasses to one person. Shaking his head! Even when I pointed to the entrance where my wife was waiting for a table he refused to provide the wine. Perhaps he forgot this part of the Serving it Right program:

an establishment must provide a pleasant service experience. Staff members are the strongest control point and the key to a good service experience, profitability and repeat business.
Responsible service is simply good customer service, and it results in happy guests returning to the establishment. Staff can help control the rate of service, monitor patron behaviour, sell profitable alternatives and create a friendly atmosphere by simply spending some time talking to customers.

I went and told my dear wife she had to come to the bar and show the bartender there were two of us.
We obtained our wine and moments later found ourselves seated at the table. Here we were ignored by the waitress having seen the wine on the table she thought the other girl had taken our order. Lol

Once the waitress was informed the service was wonderful as was the food.

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