Friday, January 25, 2013

Do I love Icewine! Yes I do !

My experience with Canada's amazing drop of golden liquid began in the 1990s.
We recieved a sample of wines from one of Ontarios Niagara-On-The-Lake wineries.
Included was a bottle a Vidal Icewine. At that time we had never tasted this precious wine.

Sadley we did not enjoy the wine. It was too thick and tasted like syrup.  For the next ten plus years my wife and I avoided the product. Since icewine is rather expensive its not a wine to buy for a second change.

We did not try icewine again untill 2004, the year we traveled to Ontario and the Niagara wine region
It was at the home of Icewine  Inniskillian that we were offered the opportunity by Deb Pratt to tatse their icewine. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was so good.

Ever since then I have been a true fan of Icewine and have enjoyed many icewines from various wineries across Canada..Our website has six pages on Icewine.  These pages are our most visited.
They are also perhaps the most quoted pages on various websites, blogs and news articles around the world

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sometimes it’s not easy running a website that features over 700 wineries, meaderies and cider houses. It is a challenge!  Not as big a challenge as the winemaker / winery owner must go to be successful. In today’s world of social media, the successful winery must adapt to the  forces of Social Media.  

Today’s social media includes Facebook, Twitter, websites , bloggers and numerous other platforms. We jumped on to the  new website trend  twenty years ago. There were far fewer wineries and the majority did not have websites. No one had heard of Facebook or twitter. We were there ,to except the Challenge, and introduce Canadian wines and wineries to the world.

With over 700 hundred wineries, meaderies and cider houses and the number growing the task of reaching out to all of them becomes more difficult. We only ask that the winery takes a few minutes to answer or initial question sheet so we may list them on the site. We also try to contact the winery once a year ( it use to be twice) and keep us posted on changes.
After twenty years of success there are still some wineries that cannot find the time to help us.
Grape researcher Robert Murphy says Wines of Canada is a great site to promote provincial wines to the world and to acknowledge special individuals connected to the wine industry. Robert Murray
Thank you for undertaking such as project as your wonderful website of winesofcanada" : David Craw president of the New Brunswick Grape Growers Association
You have a tremendous website. It's the encyclopedia of Canadian wine. Bryan McCaw
Today we use Facebook, Twitter and our website to help promote the wineries of Canada. We are a Social Media force that promotes our wines and wineries 24/7.  But we sure could use a little more support from those wineries

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The perfect Hot Chocolate


Here is my method for making the perfect hot chocolate. It begins by placing two healing spoonfulls of
chocolate powder into a 12 oz cup. Now you add your fortified beverage; if you prefer add  hot milk or boiled water. Add just enough to make a paste. Now fill the cup half full of hot milk or boiling water.
Now add another spoonful of chocolate powder and mix..  If you have lumps change powder brands.
Continue to fill the cup leaving room to add either your fortified beverage to taste or whip. You may of course add both.

The milk and water must be hot enough to avoid producing lumps but please becareful and allow the
hot chocolate to cool before adding the whip cream. I strongly suggest you whip the cream yourself
Canned cream fades away quickly.

Happy New year!