Thursday, November 12, 2015


I am a wine drinker and occasional White Russian. Beer no thank you. Cider,I have had one a few occasions over the years. They were okay but nothing I would rush to the store to buy. Until now! The first cider to impress me was Tod Creek Cider273 Prospect Lake Road,Victoria. I would not say no if offered one They were good light and refresh with good favours.

At a local Market this summer I tried the new Cawston Cidery. Kaylan Maderia the owner and cider master at this new Similkameen Cidery was behind the table. I could not resist the opportunity to say hello. Of course I tasted her ciders. Good! Actually very good. Twisted Hills’ Kingston Twist won the Judges’ Choice Award for Best Cider at this year’s Okanagan Fest-of-Ale celebration.

It was, however, Wards Pickers Hut Winter Spice that just might make a cider drink out of me. Sensational! Ward's operates out of the View Winery in Kelowna.
The Turton/Ward family has been growing premium apples for five generations in the Okanagan. The cider is inviting apple aromas with a touch of soul warming spice and a crisp citrus finish.

Ciders are very popular in Quebec they have more Cider Houses than any other province. Today we actually find numerous wineries experimenting with ciders. They seem to have regained their popularity once again. I look forward to tasting more ciders. As for Wards Ciders yes I would buy them.