Friday, December 16, 2016

Visting Chaberton Estate

On a cold winters day, Barbara and I decided to leave the comfort of our home and take a combined photo and winery trip. We dropped by Chaberton Estate Winery, located in the Fraser Falley south of Langley.

It is a winery we have been to numerous times since it opened. We love their wines and Bacchus Bistro. It is are GO To restaurant for Valentines.

Today we had the pleasure of meeting Samatha (sam) a young day with a bright smile and charming personal. She guided us through a short wine tasting with knowledge, cheerfulness, and politeness.
Every time she left us to aid another customer, she politely excused herself and on returning apologized for leaving. Neither was necessary but impressive. Thank you, Sam you heightened the tasting experience!

I was looking for Whites for  Christmas dinner. The Valley Chardonnay with its peach notes was excellent as was the Pinot Gris. The  2014 Reserved Riesling from the Similkameen was delightful.  I decided to bring home the Reserved Bacchus and a port-style 2013 Tribute.

After enjoying our tasting experience Sam guided us to the vineyards so we could take some photos of the vineyards experiencing winter.

Merry Christmas to all and a very happy new year!