Friday, October 17, 2014

A little  but coming on strong Nova Scotia WInery

The Sainte-Famille Winery tasting room is located in Falmouth just outside of Windsor Nova Scotia. The winery owned by Suzanne and Doug Corkum is in the Avon River Valley the gateway to the Annapolis Valley. The winery takes it's name from the land on which they built. In 1680 the Acadian village known as la Paroisee Sainte Famille was founded here. Suzanne nad Dough were pioneers in the wine business in Canada planting the vineyard in 1979.

They started with just one acre. Today they have 25 acres planted They produce about 6000 cases. The winery grew slowly over the years as did the Nova Scotia Wine trade. By 2010 the Province was beginning to be noticed in the world of quality wines. Sainte-Famille made some modest changes such as joining social media but the winery remained under the radar. Especially for myself as they do not answer my inquires.

The spacious pavilion is licensed to accommodate up to 170 guests for any special occasion

They have won over 20 medals in recent years in international and nation competitions. Among their spciality wines they produce Blueberry Ice, Framboise,and Maple Wine. Try the
Seyval a grape best grown in Nova Scotia

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lillooet British Columbia on the Map

Many of you will never have heard of the town of Lillooet located just a few kms northwest of Canada's famous ski resort Whistler. It is 217 km west of Kamloops. No matter the direction you're coming from, the drive to Lillooet is guaranteed to be beautiful and be sure to have your camera ready wildlife is abundant.
Lillooet has a long growing season and is a hot spot in the summer months. It was once know for ts orchards. The population of this small town located on the Fraser River is approx 2400.
Today those of us interested in British Columbia's wines are quite familiar with Lillooet. Its the home of the newly opened Ft Berens Estate Winery.  The winery is owned by Helen Pannekeok and Rolf de Bruin. They planted their first 20 acres in the spring of 2009. Today the quality of their wines is once again putting the town of Lillooet on the map.

On Sept 18th 2014 the winery held its official Grand opening in their astonishing new facilities. numerous media, supporters and dignitaries made the trip. Like the pioneers of the Hudson Bay Company who first visited the area and established a trading fort here the Bruins were the pioneers of the wine industry in Lillooet. 

Success is theirs, with their new 9500 sq foot facility including tasting room ( oh the view is magnificent), crush pad,wine cellar, guest patio and picnic area.Add to this the numerous awars for their wines including a Lt Gouvenor's Award you have a amazing story for Canada's wine industry.

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