Friday, January 28, 2022

 By  the hair of my chinny chin chin 

When opening a bottle of wine one does not expect to be hit on the chin by the bottle top. However it did happen to me.. Lucky it was a Stelvin top.  It was the sound of the pop "bang" that startled me far more the  hit to the chin.

Stelvin, the original wine closure, developed more than 60 years ago. It is a packaging concept which combines a screw cap, specific glass finish, (BVS), head-space and capping conditions, and sophisticated liners tailored made for the wine. They are often referred to as screw caps.

Stelvin is a brand name so other companies will also make this type of closure for wine bottles as well.

Key benefits- Tightness guaranteed when compliant with capping specifications.

The fact that the top exploded off the bottle hitting my chin was not the fault of the screw cap. It was the fault of the wine. Pressure had built up inside of the bottle. 

When one runs a website named Wines of Canada many people have mistaken my personal website as an official representative of the Canadian wine industry and sent me their consumer complaints. Recently screw caps been too tight has been one of then.

Other benefits of switching over to Stelvin closures, but not the main reason, is the fact that Stelvin closures are much better at preserving the qualities, bouquet and fragrances of the wine. Stelvin closures also help ensure that every bottle in a case is just like every other bottle. Some corks let in more or less oxygen and the variability between each bottle in a case can be tremendous. For Sandra, consistency in each bottle was extremely important. The easy opening and resealing of the Stelvin closures and the fact that a bottle of wine can be stored in any position were other benefits of the switch as well. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

 Bananas and Wine

Okay! What comes to mind when I say " Bananas and Wine? Are you thinking Banana Wine? Banana Bread? or just a banana and a glass of Wine. All three are quite possible and in fact make a great combination.

Banana wine is not that common. I cannot think of a commercial producer of this wine.

Banana wine is a sweet-smelling homemade beverage that comes with a very unique taste, a light fruit flavour, its colour similar to honey. The wine can be made sweet or dry. It is not that easy to make either.

Banana wine comes with a number of healthy benefits. It can reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke, depression, anemia, stress and heartburn. Wow so Why does no one produce it??

Rubisi, a traditional banana wine, was made in Tanazania over 300 years ago.

It is actually produced in Africa. Along with Tanazania, Malawi  and Rawanda produce Banana Wine.

Panama City Beach  Winery and Florida Orange Grove Inc  in Florida produces a banana wine.

Now, Banana bread is very common, many people bake it in their homes and can be found in almost all grocery stores. The bread is usually sweet. A good Chardonnay is recommened. I also like a Ortega.

Can you peel back a banana and have wine! You sure can.  One suggest I heard was to have dessert wines, such as a late harvest. Even a botrytis. Another suggestion was a blueberry wine.


Saturday, January 1, 2022

 Happy New Year!

2021 is behind us, thank goodness. It had some very difficult times and yet some very good memories were created all so! We were forced to stay indoors and close to home for most of the year.

Been home gave me a great deal of time to concentrate on three main project,

The Best Wineries to Visit in 2022

The Wineries to Watch for in 2022

The Best Wines of 2021

The task get more difficult every year. There are more wineries. The wineries keep improving! The wines just get better and better! Narrowing  them down   is very challenging.

We were of course restrict to limited travel. Or selections from provinces out side of British Columbia required a great deal of research and assistance from friends across the country. I listened, I read I did the research. Are the results perfect, No! It is simply one man's insight to Canada's amazing wine industry. Even now I can think of wineries who I should have added. 

As for the Best Wines of 2021 I can only talk about the wines we drank. I never rely on on a tasting session at a winery or wine event to make my selections. The minimum requirement is a full glass  enjoyed in  a relaxed setting. The majority of the wines are selected  with more than two opinions.

You are welcome to send me your thoughts

I hope you have a safe, healthy and prosperous 2022 and of course drink many many good Canadian wines!